Affordable motorhome ownership

A mobile home under the sun!

Luxurious camper holidays are hot nowadays and more and more people are discovering these type of holidays.
Enjoy the freedom of a camper as an alternative for a second fixed home in the sun.
Discover Europe by camper offers incomparable independence. You can spend as much or as little time in each place as you choose, as you move from town to town, from national park to national park and discovering the diversity of Europe.

Why invest in a fixed home in Spain or France? What happens with the Brexit? Hugh costs year round ? Fixed to one place?
Owning a mobile home or camper has never been so beneficial, easy and affordable! The benefits are enormous.
The purchase of a motorhome/camper is a fraction of the cost of a fixed house, running costs are much lower, and above all, you are FREE to discover Europe by camper anytime of the year.


Fractional ownership is the solution and the future

Fractional ownership is our smart solution for foreign citizen who like to discover Europe by camper, but do not want to spend time and money on privately owning a camper or motorhome.
Family, friends or collegues who like to have a mobile place under the sun and discover Europe by camper could together buy one of our campers at a special discount and outsource everything to us and still earn money and enjoy FREE camper holidays.


We offer following

  • Purchase directly from dealer with discount
  • We offer lowest price guarantee on our Sun Driver models
  • Campers directly on owner/company name (tax advantage + VAT advantage)
  • Outsource maintenance and winter placement.
  • Motor-home holiday ready for private use (Fly-drive)
  • drop-off and pick-up possibilities
  • Our professional team takes care of your asset.
  • Earn money by renting out your camper through our rental division


Fixed, secured, 5-6% yearly return on your savings and free motorhome holidays!

How much interest does your bank offer you? Why save your money on a bank when it could do a lot more then only a little interest. offers a unique program were as you buy one of our NEW mobile homes and outsource it to us we offer following:

  • Fixed annual return on investment of 5-6% per year.
  • During summer rental season we pay ALL fixed cost (insurance, maintenance and road tax)
  • Guarantee high resale price. (buy-back option)
  • FREE  3 weeks private use of Camper (extra weeks possible)
  • Optional: Drop-off camper at local Airport or any destination in Europe


Do give us a call and start your discover Europe by camper with us! Contact our team today.


Affordable motorhome ownership program

Lowest purchase price guarantee

Free camper holidays

5-6 percent ROI

Low yearly cost