Brexit & Camper holidays Europe

So, how will Brexit affect British travelers who like to discover Europe by camper? Much has been written about the effect of Brexit on Brits who live, own property and holiday in Spain or France, and far more will be written and discussed until Article 50 is invoked. But lets look at for example Australian citizen who travel through Europe by Camper or motorhome, as also they are NON-EU members.

Frankly, as we see it now, there will be almost no change.  It is extremely unlikely that a visa will be required to enter the country, and in any event any visa application would almost certainly be subject to a visa waiver programme similar to the ESTA programme in the USA. No-one holidaying needs more than three months in the country at a time. Besides above, if a visa is required, then with that ONE visa all European country can be visited. This would mean that hopping from country through country by motorhome would be the same as before the brexit, as there are NO border controls INSIDE the European union.

Hire versus own camper

Crossing the channel with your own camper could be a little more challenging after the brexit. An European plate is not necessary IF you are not a resident of the an EU country, but the car must meet European standards. There are many restrictions on driving older cars in certain highways and countries, due to pollution. Also insurances covering several EU countries could be a problem. Steering wheel on the right side could also be a bit of a hurdle.

Camper rental companies in the Netherlands and other UE countries are anticipating on the fact that more UK citizen will opt for a rental camper to discover Europe after the Brexit. This is the most convenient and practical solution and cost far les headache.
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