Camper investment program

Do you have any plans for buying a new house under the sun or spend a few years traveling through Europe? If so, we got a fine cooperation to propose.
As a family owned Dutch camper business, Campers Brabant offers you the possibility to keep traveling through Europe in luxury almost for free throughout the year in terms of costs, without any worries. While you can travel as often and as long as you wish. Without having to worry about technical maintenance or repairs. The keyword for such a construct is a camper investment program which has been successfully tested in the yachting industry for many years.

Briefly put, here is how it works:
You buy one of our new Sun Driver campers or one of our other young used campers and give it back to us in a rental consignment agreement were we take care of all rental requests and maintenance.
You let us know whenever and for how long you wish to use the camper yourself and let us know what period of the year it’s free to rent out. Or you may never want to rent it out and let us take care of the insurance and maintenance and it will be ready when you arrive.

We take care of the full maintenance and winter housing of your own camper and we market your property if you like to other travelers who can book it for brief periods of time.
Therewith, we will generate income from your camper or mobile home, for you.
Because with our camper investment program, whenever you don’t use your ship you can choose to make it available to other travelers. We handle all the procedures around that activity, from preparations to a carefully documented technical maintenance, marketing & communications. Including the booking processes and all related administration.

In other words: You’ll have the option to have lots of traveling fun, minimise your costs and even and generate additional income for yourself at the same time. Interesting detail: Should you buy your camper for a business purpose, no VAT will be applicable to the purchase amount. In other words, you would have to pay substantially less for your camper in such a case.

How would your valuable property be used?
As we also own new campers we would treat your camper the same as our own. As we have your camper in our rental fleet we know all ins and outs of your camper. We check all incoming customer requests and their financial situation and previous rental behavior. Our insurance covers all costs and we work together with a camper expertise team to inspect all campers when they return. We are happy to say that we have a fixed and loyal clientele who rents from us year in and year out.

What would you earn?
Besides the FREE usage of your own camper during some period of times, which saves you around €1000,= per week, we may offer a fixed or flexible return on your investment. In case of a fixed ROI we may offer between 4-6% of your investment PLUS all expenses paid! (insurance, taxes, road taxes,maintenance and winter housing)
In case of a flexible ROI and real income we will take care of all rental handling and you will receive 65% of the netto rental income. You will take care of all expenses like insurance, taxes, road taxes,maintenance and winter housing.

We ensure that your camper and property stays in top condition during the entire 2 year contract time. Besides keeping your camper clean at all times, this also would include qualified technical maintenance and inspections to be done on a very regular base. Together with you we will discuss and agree upon scope and type(s) of these maintenance works to perform, prior to starting them.


Vijf steps away from your own camper

  1. Choose one of our new Sun Driver campers or young occasions.
  2. We buy directly from the importer and guarantee the lowest price!
  3. You let us know HOW you will use the camper and IF you like to rent it out, then you give it in rental consignment.
  4. U receive quarterly or yearly your earnings.
  5. After the consignment period you may extend it for 2 more years or you may sell your camper anyway you like.


Advantages of this camper investment program

  • Extra fixed or variable income from your own camper
  • All programs allow 3 weeks per year own use for the highest possible return.
  • Depended on the ROI program all fixed cost are paid.
  • Official Sun Driver dealer in the Netherlands with the highest discount. (lowest price guarantee)
  • High rest amount ater a couple of years (Rapido groep)
  • As a owner you may decide HOW you like to use your camper and save money.
  • We offer very low maintenance and insurance fee’s as a corporation.
  • We know your camper in en out and will take care of it for the whole period of time.

Does that sound interesting? Then contact us for details! Feel free to make an appointment with us and meet us for a talk, any time.
We´ll take the time to answer all your questions and lay out our proposal in more detail. contact



Campers Brabant verdien programma
fixed or variable ROI
Lowest price guarantee
Professional rental fleet
Free own usage during holiday
Your own mobile home in Europe
We take care of everything
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