Camper rental program

Campers like boats are often used by the owner(s) for only a few weeks a year, while the costs continue throughout the year!
Why not earn extra money by professionally renting out your camper?  You may earn an additional income without the rental worries!
Our consumption economy is changing into a share-economy and our camper rental program contributes to a better climate.
In addition your savings in the bank yield nothing and so our “camper earn and care program” may offer a fun and profitable alternative.


How does our camper income program work

The program for additional camper income from Campers Brabant offers you all the advantages of owning your own camper without all the ownership worries!
The basic principle is that you like to have a motorhome/camper and love camper holidays. You may choose from our different Sun Driver models a factory or choose one of our young occasion. Once purchased our professional rental team will plan your yearly private holidays and the rest of the time it’s rented out.
You can also purchase the camper together with family, friends or colleagues under a B.V or VOF. We advise up to 3 owners to not to complicate future holiday plannings. But of course you can also participate individually in this program.

Within our camper income model you are and remain the legal owner (s) of the camper.
Campers Brabant takes care of rental and maintenance. Our professional rental team takes care of clients, contracts, payments, viewings, cleaning and maintenance of your camper. We know our rental customers personally and our team knows your camper like no other and therefore we guarantee a very careful use of your camper so that it will remain in top condition.


Fixed or variable camper income

Campers Brabant will include your motorhome in our professional motorhome rental program for an initial period of 2 years. As a camper owner (s) you can opt for a FIXED or FLEXIBLE compensation.
If you opt for a FIXED RETURN, you will receive a fixed compensation of 4-6% on your investment/year. Depending of course on your own camper usage.
With this yield you may pay most fixed costs of the camper, take advantage of our cheaper camper rental insurances, get cheap winter storage and we prepare camper for summer and winter. Our team will also prepare your camper for private usage every year.

Flexible rental income
As a camper owner (s) you receive 65% of the net rental income per quarter after deduction of any costs without having to do anything for it!
You indicate in advance when you want to reserve your camper for your own private holiday and our rental department ensures that it is ready for you. Again you save money with your own camper and you do not have to worry about maintenance. We ensure that your camper is ready to be rented. We also provide collective motorhome insurance and winter storage at a reduced rate, annual costs will be lower.

A big misunderstanding is the fact that many customers think this is the same as “timeshare”.
With timeshare you do not own anything, but you have the right of usage for a certain period of time.
With our program you have a valuable possession and the camper will still deliver a considerable rest value after a certain period of time.


Benefits of the camper income program

* Annual fixed or variable return on your investment (extra income)
* You can choose out of a new or used campers (max 2 years) at very competitive prices
* Official Sun Driver dealer (Rapido group) with high rest value.
* We provide free rental inventory worth € 600 euros.
* 1x Free cleaning outside camper after private use.
* Collective and cheaper insurance including rental option module.
* Special agreements with companies for maintenance, repair and installation of accessories.
* Reduced rate for winter storage

Does that sound interesting? Then contact us for details! Feel free to make an appointment with us and meet us for a talk, any time.
We´ll take the time to answer all your questions and lay out our proposal in more detail. contact




Campers Brabant verdien programma
fixed or variable ROI
Lowest price guarantee
Professional rental fleet
Free own usage during holiday
Your own mobile home in Europe
We take care of everything
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