The 1.5 meter economy as the new after corona standard..

Our government has now called upon all companies to start thinking about this new reality after the corona lockdown.
A few weeks ago we announced via our camper blog that a camper holiday is a very safe alternative to regular holidays.
The only problem is that NOW (April 8, 2020) there are still too many restrictions imposed on BV Holland and other countries. But slowly it is seen and heard that many governments are thinking of “starting up” the countries again.
A camper holiday is ideally suited to participate in this new “1.5 meter distance” after-corona society.

Please consider the following:

  • Own food and water supply on board.
  • Freeze some food at home and take it with you on your camper holiday. (Freezer available)
  • Own sanitary on board, soap, washcloths and possibly gloves.
  • Flexible to avoid major tourist attractions and campsites that do not meet the 1.5m new standard.
  • Visit peaceful forests, dunes, small villages, lakes, nordsea and or other areas
  • Become a member of new green guides like: “the green book” or “France passion“.

But above all for this year.
We should all support local businesses, local shops and farmers by spending holiday & money at home!

Currently, all companies, including campsites, motorhome pitches and camper service stations, are examining how to meet this new 1.5m society. And I am sure that they will adjust very quickly, so that you can safely use their sanitary facilities and public places.

Holland has so many hidden places and nature is abundant everywhere, so there is so much to discover here.
The various forest areas with countless ponds and lakes, old estates with beautiful gardens and fields.
Here you will find numerous green camping areas and castles owned by private persons, farmers or governments.
Visit for example the Wadden and her islands, Pieterburen (seal rescue center), the Hunebedden, Zealand, the delta works, Friesland and its lakes, the caves in Limburg, castles and their gardens, the white dunes and much more…..

Our tip for coming summer.
Explore the green wonders of the Netherlands together with a guidebook called “the green book” in which small scale campings and green campsites are the new standard in this after-corona era.

We wish everyone a healthy summer holiday 2020!

Campers Brabant


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